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    MineStruck Server Rules

    Breaking any of the rules below could result in serious punishment! If you have questions, please ask a staff member, use /list to see online staff or contact them via discord.

    These rules apply on the server as well as the forums, and our discord channel

    Although this includes many of our server rules, this is only a general guideline of what we will expect of you as a player, it may not cover every situation that we deem punishable therefore in the end the decision is up to us as staff. Use common sense when playing on our servers and you should be fine

    If you have any rule suggestions please feel free to refer to our thread "Rule Suggestions"
    General Server Rules
    1. Do not spam
    2. Do not use hack clients
    3. Do not advertise websites, other servers,youtube, twitch, etc
    4. Do not use racial slurs
    5. No disrespect of staff members
    6. Releasing players personal information (Doxing) or threatening to do so is not allowed, this also includes ddos threatening, these offenses are bannable
    7. No PvPlogging - this includes straight out of combat
    8. Keybinds are not allowed
    9. Spawnshooting is not allowed
    10. Donation scamming is not allowed
    11. Do not advertise trading for "CS:GO" skins
    12. Please do not post in chat that you're "selling your account " or "selling items for money" (IRL)
    13. Please do not speak about other servers in chat, this includes Rule 3
    14. Do not fly from combat as soon as untagged - bannable
    15. Do not set home in KOTH areas
    16. TP glitching is not allowed and is bannable
    17. Protecting bases with soulsand/bed/enderchests/etc is not allowed
    18. Using high ping to get through blocks is not allowed and is bannable
    19. Do not use any glitches to get into bases, EX: boats
    20. No automatic redstone farms
    21. Buffer claim: you can have a maximum of 20 chunks from base wall - (max 20 claiming radius)
    22. To apply for youtuber rank, you must have 200 subs, 50 views per video, and 10 likes per video
    23. Auto cannons are not allowed [24] Sell bots are not allowed
    24. Setting your /nick similar to another IGN/nick to tp to them is not allowed
    25. Impersonating staff's nicks/IGN's is not allowed
    26. Requesting a chargeback after purchasing in game items is not allowed and will result in a permanent ban!
    27. Cactus Walls are not allowed!
    28. Portaling glitching not allowed
    29. 20x20 Chunk claim allowed on base (starts at your first wall next to your base)
    30. Webbed walls not allowed
    31. Raid detectors are not allowed
    32. Auto sand comps are not allowed
    33. Carpet in checkboxes is not allowed (ANYTHING THAT FALLS WHEN THE SAND BREAKS IS NOT ALLOWED) - String, carpet, redstone, etc.

    Some Rules In Depth
    • DDos/Doxing Threats or Attempts: Ddos and/or doxing threats under no circumstance will be tolerated. It is not allowed to discuss personal information of staff members or players with other members of the server. This includes a players real name (unless given or made easily accessible) ip address, city, home address, social media profiles (unless given or made easily accessible) and phone numbers. This rule applies to the forums, discord, and server.
    Any attempts at trying to gain this information or threatening to do so will result in a ban. This ban will not be up for debate. This goes for any jokes made as well. If a player ddos/dox threatens you
    please get any proof you can and make a forums post. If the player has already obtained your personal information send any proof you have to a staff member via private message.

    • Hacking: Hacked clients/cheats are not allowed under any circumstances. Hacks that give players unfair advantages in factions or PvP are bannable. This includes hacks such as but not limited to; xray, bhop, fly hacks, etc. Note: Schematica and Printer are allowed as they are not considered hacks

    • Glitches/Bugs Abuse: If you find any type of glitch or bug in the server please report it. If you find glitches and decide to abuse them, you could be severely punished for this. If you find something like this you are expected to report this immediately to a staff member. Do not discuss this with other players as it could lead to more abuse.

    • Chargebacks: Requesting any type of chargeback for items you have purchased will result in an instant ban. This ban will be permanent and is not up for dispute. Purchasing an item for a player and then requesting a chargeback in order to attempt to get the player banned is also not allowed and will result in a ban of your account! Please note that we keep proof that all items purchased via buycraft are delivered to the player, if you decide to request a chargeback you will be reported for fraud. If you purchase an item and do not receive it right away do not turn to requesting a chargeback as this will result in punishment, instead we urge you to contact a staff member online or make a forums post.

    Please remember we as staff are here to enforce the rules. If you find a player breaking the rules please report them on the forums. If it is an urgent matter, reporting them to a staff member online and they will do their best to assist you with this issue.
    If you feel you were wrongfully banned, feel free to write a ban appeal and all aspects of the situation will be taken into consideration. Do remember, some things are not unbannable such are chargebacks or ddos/doxing.
    All rules apply while playing on our servers, please use common sense whilst playing.
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